2018 Edition - The Security of Cloud Printing
PrinterOn’s cloud software development experience started in 2001. As a result, today PrinterOn offers the broadest range of printing solutions to address any type of secure cloud printing scenario. PrinterOn also has significant experience with private cloud deployment—behind the organization’s firewall. Today PrinterOn refers to all these PrinterOn deployment options under the banner True Cloud Printing™.

This paper discusses the security of the PrinterOn Enterprise Edition in its three deployment options:

- PrinterOn Managed Cloud
- Third-Party Cloud
- Private Cloud (traditional on-premise 100% behind the firewall)

Security measures of the technical solution are the same, no matter which method of deployment is chosen. What changes is the responsibility for the underlying infrastructure. In this paper, callouts are made to specific measures as it relates to PrinterOn Enterprise deployed in the PrinterOn Managed Cloud.

Read the PrinterOn security white paper today to learn more about our secure print architecture.
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